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Anonymous asked: I saw you today. For the first time in this semester. I'm so happy :") Thank you for making my day. :) <3 112912

Give me a hint of who you are. Malay mo i-treat pa kita ng foods. Haha! 

Kung totoong mahal mo siya, wag mo siyang bigyan ng pagkakataong magduda.


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HAHAHAHAHAHA! #badluckbrian

HAHAHAHAHAHA! #badluckbrian

Cats in love  #Naruto #Sylvester

Cats in love  #Naruto #Sylvester

Anonymous asked: huhhhhhhhhh

Maybe I deserve to say huhhhhhhhh more? 

Anonymous asked: Why is Spiderman your favorite character?

Maybe because he made me like spiders, which is the insect I’m scared the most next to a butterfly. Haha! 

Anonymous asked: Would you go for aggressive girls or boring girls?

Bipolar ones. Yung masarap lambingin. :))

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